Please read the following fire, fire alarm, and evacuation instructions carefully. We highly recommend that you do so without any delay.

  1. After entering your room, read the evacuation plan placed on the entrance door. You will find the details concerning the nearest escape routes, the location of staircases on your floor, water hoses, fire extinguishers, and the nearest fire alarm pull box.
  2. Should you hear a fire alarm or an evacuation announcement, leave your room immediately and close the door behind you.
  3. After leaving your room, proceed immediately to the nearest exit marked with an escape route sym­bol or the nearest staircase, and leave the building. Stay calm.
  4. In case there is heavy smoke in the escape route, move along the route in a bent position, keep your head down as low as possible, and cover your mouth with a wet handkerchief. Move close to the walls not to lose the directions along the escape route.
  5. When evacuating a building, do not attempt to use elevators, since in case of a fire alarm or evacua­tion, the elevators are blocked on the ground floor until the fire alarm is cancelled.
  6. During the evacuation procedure do not return to the room to collect your belongings, because toxic fire gases and smoke may pose a hazard to your health and life.
  7. Stay calm and follow the steps listed in the evacuation announcement and/or instructions given by the Hotel staff.


A fire alarm is a sound signal set off automatically by the fire detection system. Should you detect fire, smoke rising from a room or a smell of burning, notify the Hotel Reception by any means possible and, if need be, other persons staying in other rooms on your floor. If the fire alarm pull box is the only available means of sig­nalling a fire hazard, do not hesitate to use it. If due to disability or health conditions you have doubts what to do when the fire alarm system is activated or evacuation announced, contact the Hotel Reception immediately.

It is expressly prohibited to:

  1. Smoke tobacco in the bed and in non-smoking areas.
  2. Throw matches and cigarette ends through the window, on the floor or into the dustbin.
  3. Store explosive materials and liquids in the room.
  4. Use candles, one’s own irons, cooking and heating elements in the room.
  5. Leave glasses and other glass items on the window sills.
  6. Block the front door and passages with suitcases or other objects.
  7. Dry clothes on radiators.
  8. Move arbitrarily the fire-fighting equipment.

Each time you leave your room or other Hotel premises please make sure that:

  1. The cigarettes are extinguished.
  2. The radio, TV set and lights are switched off.
  3. There is no fire hazard for any other reason.

In case of fire:

  1. Alert the Hotel staff immediately.
  2. Keep windows and doors closed.
  3. Remain calm and do not spread panic.
  4. Strictly follow the orders of the person designated from the Hotel until the arrival of the Fire Brigade, and upon their arrival follow the orders of the Commander-in-Chief.

All persons remaining on the premises of the Hotel are obliged to observe fire regulations. Persons who fail to do so shall be prosecuted under the Fire Prevention Act of 24 August 1991 (Dziennik Ustaw No. 81, item 351).


  1. Use the stairs for evacuation. 
  2. Do not use the lift. 
  3. Emergency exit is next to the lift –look for signposts. 
  4. If you need special care, please inform the Hotel Reception accordingly.